drawing research action works

Have you a particular interest in drawing or notation for itself or as it may relate to another representational medium ?

Are you a fine artist, an applied artist, a musician or a writer who requires one to three months in an environment conducive to serious research and experimentation ?

DRAWinternational caters for creative people in pursuit of new and dynamic form, in preparation for exhibition, publication or postgraduate qualification.

Artists in Residence: Past-Present-Future

Drawings by Celia Eid, Sande Waters and Jack Candlish.

Piece by piece I assembled.
Piece by piece you lengthened my limitations.
Away and away I peeled.
Away and away you removed my expectations.
Person by person I welcomed new ideas.
Person by person you welcome new artists.
More and more I became scientifically stronger.
More and more you balance the scales of life.

Thank you to you both for such amazing support, generosity and laughter here in Caylus with you, Aloïse and the artists and people I have met this month.

Niamh Merc
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Welcome to DRAWinternational - Artist in Residence
A centre for action, research and experimentation in art and design.

Bienvenue à DRAWinternational - Artiste en Résidence
Espace de recherche et expérimentation artistique -
un cadre médiéval pour l'éveil des idées contemporaines.