drawing research action works

Have you a particular interest in drawing or notation for itself or as it may relate to another representational medium ?

Are you a fine artist, an applied artist, a musician or a writer who requires one to three months in an environment conducive to serious research and experimentation ?

DRAWinternational caters for creative people in pursuit of new and dynamic form, in preparation for exhibition, publication or postgraduate qualification.

Artist in residence - Past-Present-Future

Drawings by Christophe Boulanger, Anastasija Komarnyckyj and Laura Donkers.

Retour dans le grand nord.

Merci encore pour votre accueil et ce temps de rėsidence à Caylus.

4 semaines pour nourrir les papilles, et ouvrir de nouvelles pistes de création.

Christophe Boulanger 2015

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Welcome to DRAWinternational - Artist in Residence
A centre for action, research and experimentation in art and design.
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Bienvenue à DRAWinternational - Artiste en Résidence
Espace de recherche et expérimentation artistique -
un cadre médiéval pour l'éveil des idées contemporaines.
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